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Do Freelancers/Sole Traders Need Liability Insurance?

February 15, 2021
John David, Sami Underwriting Manager

It's tough out there from a litigation perspective. We know as a freelancer or sole trader that you really look after your customers.

This is good for business and it also makes sense that you try to minimise the possibility of risk involving injury, property damage and breach of professional duty involving third parties.

However, sometimes things go wrong, so you want to make sure that you have Liability Insurance in place to protect your business.

So what can go wrong?  Some simple examples could be:


A customer slips and falls on a wet floor in your salon or there is an adverse reaction to a treatment incorrectly applied.


Financial loss incurred by a customer from incorrect advice given or there was an error in the design or specification provided by you as a service.


Error in placing candidates in positions that they are not suited or don't have the right experience, or failure in doing proper background checks. Also incorrectly sending a candidates CV to a third party without consent.


Customers affected by accidental food contamination or an umbrella in an outside area of the cafe falling on a customer causing injury.


Wrong advice given regarding diet or training plans, or bodily injury to customers whilst training due to poor advice or directions.

At SAMI,we have created a package for Liability Insurance to protect your business. This package consists of cover for Public & Products Liability to protect you against actions involving third party bodily injury or property damage, and also Professional Indemnity which covers you against legal action involving breach of your professional duty involving third parties.

Please read our PDS and Policy Wordings to establish if these products are right for you.